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Get to know the Crono

Posted by Sarah Gillespie on

 I am delighted to introduce the latest Eureka Mignon. The Eureka Mignon Crono is, for me, the absolute best buy in the home grinder market right now. The quality, looks, reliability and price are just combined perfectly with this unit. 


I will come to the "The Crono is just a Filtro!" statement in my conclusion. But for now lets not discuss specific Mignon models but the general basis of all models.

Espresso vs Filter/Brew

Every Mignon variant is an espresso grinder with the only exception being the Brew Pro. This has specific blades and some tiny details that make it the only dedicated filter/brew grinder in the range. However the side effect of a good espresso grinder is unless built for considerable speed is it will still be able to, with the right blade design, deliver very good filter/brew results. 

The final edge of the blade being cut for espresso means after being ground for filter the coffee needs to exit the blades while passing this fine edge. This portion of the blade is designed to produce very consistent, small particle sizes for espresso. Therefore a small portion of the resulting grind may be slightly fine for filter. I would not consider this a problem for casual use. But if you are really after top end filter results then go for the purpose built Brew Pro. 


There are 2 motors 260w and 310w. Both operate at 1350rpm (220v 50hz). The 310w is required to provide sufficient power at 55mm blade diameter. The 260w is sufficient for 50mm blades. Silent technology is achieved with the motor body and mounting. 

Grinder chamber and chute

There are two versions of the chamber. One for 55mm blades and one for 50mm blades. There is a small retention decrease on the 55mm. The chute and "ACE" anti static system are consistent between both.

Bodies and panels

There is essentially 1 body at heart. Various colours and front/top panel designs but these are cosmetic or adapted to house the display found on the top end models.

There are 3 Portafilter forks

  1. Metal. Adjustable. Specialita and Design (hook in type)
  2. Metal. Fixed. Perfetto, Silenzio (hook in type)
  3. Plastic. Fixed. Manuale, Classico (screw in type)

The screw in plastic type mounts with the addition of an insert in the body of the mignon. Converting the location where a hook in fork would go to a screw type. This can be removed (or added) meaning all forks can in theory be used on all models.

Psst. The Crono is fitted with the hardware to support a screw in plastic type fork. Meaning any fork can be purchased separately and fitted. Hook in types will need the adaptor removing.


The run-for-time action, regardless if the controller be it timer switch or display, are of equivalent accuracy.

Grinder blades

There are two blade types, remember both operate at the same RPM. 

50mm "MAC50 CP" or 55mm "MAC55ITAv1802 CP"

The 55mm has an additional 9% circumference and effective working area is over 10% larger too. When you consider the finest, hardest working point of the blade is then 10% further from the motor it should now be clear why the more powerful motor is required. It is not because the 260w motor is inadequate, it just does less work.

At 55mm while the motor RPM is the same between both motors owing to the increased circumference means 55mm blade is really working around 10% faster in real terms.


"The Crono is just a Filtro!"

So is the Crono just a filtro? Well it has a timer. But aside yes it is. I am not sure why this keeps getting mentioned as a negative. The Filtro is a fab grinder. The marketing that it is a filter grinder does not preclude it from being an espresso grinder. It IS an espresso grinder. With espresso features removed to offer an affordable mid range brew grinder.

It still seems to good to be true?!

The Crono does not come with a fork, no silent technology, no display, no customisation. And it also has a biblical minimum order quantity to obtain this pricing. I, Eureka and others believe the Crono should become the starting point for any electric espresso grinder and that's why we've made this possible.

If you're ready to experience the Crono then follow this link for a further 5% discount that will appear at checkout. This offer is not going to be here for long so be quick.

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