Cafelat Home Knockbox Black

Cafelat Home Knockbox Black


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Every art has its features and skills that allow the best results by the artists. Coffee making is no different, and every small detail counts. Our commitment is to provide the best technology to enhance the quality of your life anytime, anywhere, with much prosperity and love. With our Cafelat Home Knockbox Black, you can dispose of your used coffee grounds with elegance in a clean, safe way. Be remarkable in everything you do.

A replacement to the small Cafelat tubbis, a popular choice for home baristas. The new Cafelat Home Knockbox still comfortably holds ten double pucks before it needs emptying and has the same silicon ring on the bottom preventing it from moving around and helping to reduce noise. However, it now comes with a new, unique design sure to stand out in any domestic kitchen. To empty just remove the rubber bar and discard the contents

Product features
• Knockbox material: ABS plastic with silicon ring at the base
• Bar material: stainless steel with rubber cover
• Capacity: 10 double pucks
• Colour: black
• Dimensions: H: 120 x W: 175 x D: 150mm
• Also available: Cafelat Large Tubbi (fits 20 double pucks)
• Also available: red

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