Kinto SCS-S03 Mug 4oz White X Pink Beige - Coff-Hey!

Kinto SCS-S03 Mug 4oz White X Pink Beige


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Unique look mugs which feature two colours of layered glaze which contrast perfectly to form a mug with a truly stand out look. The shape is designed to fit snugly in the users’ hands, and the wide arched handle makes it comfortable to pick up and drink from

Product features
• Brand: Kinto
• Range: Slow Coffee Style Speciality
• Material: porcelain
• Capacity: 4oz
• Capacity: 110ml
• Colour: white & pink beige
• Dimensions: H: 55 x W: 90 x Dia.: 60mm
• Dishwasher safe
• Microwave safe
• Country of origin: Japan
• Also available: 320ml

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