Brita Maxtra+ Filter Cartridges (3 Pack)

Brita Maxtra+ Filter Cartridges (3 Pack)


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MAXTRA+ filters with MicroFlow technology reduces impurities such as chlorine, limescale, lead and copper from your tap water, noticeably improving the taste and appearance of your hot and cold drinks. MAXTRA+ offers an eco friendly and economical alternative to bottled water costing just pence per litre. What's more the cartridges are 100% recyclable so look out for recycling bins at participating retailers

Product features
• Brand: Brita
• Performance: 4 weeks or 100 litres of hard water
• Fits: all Brita jugs
• Pack quantity: 1x3
• Fully Recyclable
• Also available: single, 6 pack, 12 pack

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