Espro Coffee Press P3 Glass And Black Plastic 32oz

Espro Coffee Press P3 Glass And Black Plastic 32oz


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For those looking for a coffee press that offers the same quality of coffee as the Espro P7 or P5 but at an entry level cost, the P3 is the ideal solution. As with the P5, the P3 press includes a glass carafe that is 40% thicker than traditional presses for a more durable press that keeps drinks hotter for long, the patent-pending Safety-Lock which secures the glass carafe inside the cage to eliminate the chance of it slipping free while pouring and the patented double micro-filter which provides a clean, delicious final cup with none of the typical grit in the bottom. The difference is the P3’s café is black plastic, rather than stainless steel making this perfect for those looking for a slightly cheaper press, with having to compromise on the quality of the final cup.

Product features
• Brand: Espro
• Range: P3
• Carafe material: glass
• Cage material: black plastic
• Size: 32oz
• BPA, BPS and phthalate free
• Also available: 18oz

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