Espro Flat Calibrated Tamper 58.35mm Black

Espro Flat Calibrated Tamper 58.35mm Black


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Every art has its features and skills that allow the best results by the artists. Coffee making is no different, and every small detail counts. 

With our Espro Flat Calibrated Tamper, you will have the perfect amount of grounds compressed, ensuring full saturation, making the perfect flavor no matter who is making the coffee. No need for recalibration. Make coffee like a pro with the best of technology.

Replace guesswork with precision. By delivering an exact 30 pounds of force time after time (signalled by a reassuring click), ESPRO’s Calibrated Tamper ensures all the grounds are compressed uniformly and consistently, creating perfectly even resistance against water pressure and ensuring full saturation, ensuring consistent espresso from barista to barista, hour to hour, day to day, with only the need for simple grinder adjustment.

Product Features
• Brand: Espro
• Handle material: anodized auminium handle
• Base material: stainless steel
• Size: 58.35mm
• Colour: black
• Factory calibrated: does not required recalibration or adjustment
• Also available: 57mm

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