Eureka Atom Pro 60 Brew Grinder With Flat Blades 75mm - Black-Coffee Brewing-Eureka-Coff-Hey!

Eureka Atom Pro 60 Brew Grinder With Flat Blades 75mm - Black


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This one-touch operation grinder from Eureka offers easy settings for grinding coffee of any fineness from espresso to French Press, but is especially useful for those wanting to grind directly into pour over brewers such as those in the Hario V60 range. Includes the Eureka blow up system hopper which, when the lid is pressed, sends a blast of air into the grinding chamber, clearing it of left over grounds which can go stale and affect the flavour of future coffees. Also includes the stepless micrometric regulation system for quickly and easily adjusting grind fineness output, the ACE anti-clumping system which ensures consistently fine grounds make their way out of the grinding chamber, quick and easy maintenance and the Eureka grinder cooling system.

Product features:
• Brand: Eureka
• Hopper capacity: 300g
• Grinding speed: 6-8g/s
• Colour: black
• Burrs type: 75mm flat
• Burrs material: hardened steel
• Power: 920w
• RPM: 1,400
• Dimensions: H: 470 x W: 180 x D 450mm
• Weight: 12kg

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