Eureka Mignon XL Espresso Coffee Grinder - 16CR Matt Black 65mm


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Epic 65mm blades give you cool grounds at lightspeed. 3g/s typical output brings commercial performance to the domestic market. Eureka "Diamond Inside" blade's stay at peak performance for longer. Meaning exceptional espresso shots, every time.

Eureka's "ELR" system, aka extremely low retention, puts the Mignon XL right up at the top in the speciality market. Don't compromise on quality with conical burred single dose grinders now. With retention of 0.2g every shot over 99%+ fresh beans to enjoy.

Part of Eureka's new ORO line up, which we suggest you read up on here. 

Premium grinding quality, thanks to patented Diamond Inside burrs (65 mm) that preserve the optimal burrs sharpness longer than any others and ensure a more steady granulometry over time.

Unprecedented performances, ensured by the upgraded motor combined with the 65 mm burrs, for professional performances even at home (3 g/s).

ELR System: the development of dedicated technical solutions enquires a very low retention in the grinding chamber and a unique dese consistency (approximately ± 0,2 g).

Maximun silence, thanks to the "Silent Technology" that allows to reach a unique grinding silence (about 60 dB).

"High Speed" maintenance, handy and easy, whitout losing the grinding setting.

All-purpose rubber coated fork for "Hands-Free" operations, suitable to any kind of filter holder (also naked) due to the special geometry and adjustable support.

Mignon Mat Kit supplied, for every barista who loves his Mignon and cleanliness on his counter.


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