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Hario Coffee Syphon Technica 5 Cup

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Combining total immersion and a cloth or paper filter, the Technica syphon brewer uses vapour and vacuum forces to extract more coffee flavour and less bitterness from each brew, resulting in clean, crisp and smooth coffee. This enjoyable hands on brewer is a great fit for coffee enthusiasts at home or cafes looking to offer their customers something exciting and different

Product features

• Brand: Hario

• Range: Technica

• Material: borosilicate glassware

• Size: 5-cup

• Capacity: 600ml

• Filter: Hario Syphon Filters (cloth or paper, not included)

• Filter lifespan: 3+ months (cloth), single use (paper)

• Marked to: 3-cup, 5-cup

• Dimensions: H: 360 x W: 160 x D: 110mm

• Includes alcohol burner

• Includes cloth filter mechanism

• Country of origin: Japan

• Also available: 2-cup, 3-cup

• Also available: cloth filters (1x5), paper filters (1x100)