Kinto SCS S04 Brewer Stand Set 4 Cups

Kinto SCS S04 Brewer Stand Set 4 Cups


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A brewing stand set designed to resemble a handmade cast-iron piece, available in 2- or 4-cups. The stand is height adjustable for use with mugs or servers, and the rim is edged to ensure the brewer sits stably. Includes a server with subtle markings to signify when the right amount of cups have been brewed. Can be used with stainless steel or paper filters (not included)

Product features
• Brand: Kinto
• Range: Slow Coffee Style Speciality
• Stand material: cast stainless steel
• Brewer material: porcelain
• Server & holder material: heat-resistant glass
• Filter material: cotton & wood pulp blend
• Brewer size: 4-cups
• Server size: 600ml
• Server capacity: 700ml
• Server marked to: 2-cups, 4-cups
• Set includes: brewer stand, 4-cup brewer, 600ml coffee server, single use filters (x20), filter holder
• Dishwasher safe (holder, server & brewer only)
• Microwave safe (holder, server & brewer only)
• Dimensions: H: 210 x W: 125 x D: 130mm
• Country of origin: Japan
• Also available: 2-cup set with 300ml server
• Also available: replacement filters, coffee server, brewer

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